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Previous Adventures:

17 April 1139; Lady Basatari, Carim Finestone, Makkari Toldar Barbour, Lord Orion Alandel, Takoda and Vadamar

Adventure Summary

Lord Orion's weekly sending spell to his wife revealed increased evidence of giants raiding neighboring communities; locals in Sandpoint believed an attack on the town was inevitable. Leaving Fort Genmarr in the capable hands of Fallon, Toldar and Vale, Lady Basatari and Lord Orion along with a small crew of members of the Order of the White Willow made a hasty ride to aid in the defense of the town. There they turned aside a raid by a war-band of stone giants.

In the wake of the raid, they learned that this was just a scouting party. The full army was still marshaling in the highlands of the Dead Falcon Flats, where one encampment had become a rallying point against humanity. It was also discovered that, along with the looting, several citizens were kidnapped including a local noble, Graydon Skotti, and Lord Orion's wife, Shayliss. After tracking the fleeing giant party and returning the prisoners to Sandpoint, the heroes prepared to strike at the commanders of this fortress of stone giants and save Urjusty from invasion.

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