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  • Real name: High King Sui-Do Shin
    White Dragon 350.jpg
  • Occupation: King of Lorenia; retired adventurer
  • Identity: Publicly known
  • Legal status: Sixth King of Lorenia; the Hero of the Realm
  • Former aliases: Chou Yung-Phat, Kageo Muraoka
  • Place/date of birth: Lorenia / 1 March 1075
  • Marital status: Married
  • Known relatives: Juntarra Palehand (wife); Dorinna "Red Dragon" Shin (daughter); Hamun Shin (father); Athena Camlach (mother); Tarev Shin (brother); Kóbe Tatsu (granddaughter)
  • Group affiliations: King of Lorenia; Diamyo of the Overseers; Goji Monks
  • Base of operations: Lorenia Castle, Lorenia
  • First appearance: Claybough / 1 March 1096 (1996)
  • Age: 64
  • Eyes: Has no eyes; formerly blue
  • Hair: Black streaked with grey
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Skin: Tan
  • Weight: 195 lbs. currently, 253 lbs. during adventuring years
  • Unique gear: Drusian's Magic Bag


Named after a comet that struck Kara-Tur on the night of his birth, White Dragon is a retired adventurer and the current King of Lorenia. He sought and failed to recover the 20 Shards of Urjusty, giving up the quest to help prepare High King Armos and the free kingdoms for the War with Myrlocke. During the war, White Dragon rallied the forces of Claybough and Attillan to the Dorian Gap, ensuring Myrlocke's returning undead horde could not crush the Combined Armies as they prepared to siege Hyldlor Castle. Finding his way into the castle, and with the aid of his adventuring company, he confronted and destroyed Myrlocke, an act for which he was named Hero of the Realm.

After the war, White Dragon was content to retire to the Temple on the Sea. There with the help of his son-in-law, Keul Tatsu, and later with his granddaughter, Kóbe, he continued to write his compendiums, "A History of Kara-Tur" and "The War with Myrlocke".

After the assassination of High King Gwydion Camlach, on 13 May 1139, tensions were brewing and Lorenia seemed on the verge of another war with Hyldlor. A descendant of the Camlach family through his mother, White Dragon was asked to take the crown. His long friendship with Queen Vesper Llyr of Hyldlor assured there would be no hostilities between their kingdoms.


Fun Facts[]

  • White Dragon was the very first character ever created for the World of Claybough RPG, having been created using AD&D 1st edition rules, and first played, over the summer of 1989 by the DM's brother.