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Esmerelda Zallara

12 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

In the rugged West Dock District of Hyldlor...[]

Three of society's miscreants were drawn together by a common thread: a cruel old criminal named Gaydren Lamb. Given the chance to bring him to justice or avenge themselves against him by a mysterious Attillan woman named Esmerelda, the trio left to confront Gaydren in the old fishery that currently served as his hideout.

Therein, they captured Gaydren's longest-lived employee, Flargin, killed his half-orc enforcer, Chuckles, freed the remainder of the "Little Lambs", and ended up "accidently" feeding Gaydren to his starving pet crocodile. Their search turned up two surprises... an extremely valuable brooch, and Esmerelda’s severed head. The fortune teller, it seemed, had been dead for weeks.

Ivan's Take[]

"It was an absolute pleasure killing Chuckles the Half-Orc, one of Gaydren's longtime thugs. I can't tell you how many times that brut beat the crap out of me... giggling while he did so. His goofy laugh has finally been silenced. Another debatable victory was the release of the "Little Lambs". Turning them loose from Gaydren's hold spares them the constant servitude and beatings. I do however worry where they will go afterwards, will it be any better? How will they survive on their own? Will they fall prey to the Stealth Bureau? Most if any will have the same salvation I lucked into with Llyrrian. Perhaps, I need to find a way to assist and help those that are willing to turn their lives around. I'd especially love to see my old pal Symon Doak find happiness and purpose in life, he certainly deserves it."

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