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29 November 1136; Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Sir Argus the Fallen, Divada Palehand, Jin-Lo Song, Tarak Relkin

Adventure Summary[]

The heroes were travelling through the evergreen forest in Westreach when they encountered a dismayed treant. The poor treant feared for the safety of the forest, as many of the trees had been destroyed by the depredations of elemental beings. He believed the source of the problem could be found at the wizard's tower, Stormhorn Citadel, which sat near the eye of the perpetual storm.

Weathering the unnatural storm, coping with the dangers of the forest and climbing the mountain, the heroes found a network of caves where the long-dead wizard once worked his magic. Through the caves, they found a shaft leading to the mountaintop. There the heroes battled past a moody and arrogant greater air elemental to blow the Stormhorn, giving the elementals a gateway to get home.


While Divada led the charge to help replant the damaged forest, Sir Argus (with the help of Jin-Lo's coin) acquired the legal rights to Stormhorn Citadel and converted it to an amazing Church to Ásabragr Staan-tage.

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