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9 May 1139; Maitreya Fugate, Lord Orion Alandel, Makkari Toldar Barbour

Adventure Summary[]

Rested and recovered from their battle with Mokmurian, Orion, Maitreya, and Toldar went into the Black Tower to confront its guardian, the Black Monk, an ancient and powerful immortal monk who had been mummified for thousands of years. The party was struggling against this powerful foe, unsure whether or not this was a battle they could win, when the monk abruptly broke off combat.

Reacting to Maitreya's presence, the Black Monk entered a rare moment of clarity amid his centuries of insanity and revealed he was the mummified remains of her friend, Jin-Lo! The Black Monk told the party that in his timeline, the Order of the White Willow, along with several other adventuring companies had united to fight Arioch... and they had failed. Every one of them had fallen except for him. Somehow protected by divine forces, a moment before his death, Jin-Lo had been transported thousands of years into the past to the Zamonian Empire. There the powerful wizards and High Elves conceived a plan to defeat Arioch, but had no way to return Jin-Lo to his timeline. He then had chosen to complete his training, becoming a master of the four winds and gaining immortality. When he was ready, he had been mummified and lain here in the Black Temple, unable to die, awaiting this day to pass on to the heroes their only hope of saving the world. Once this final act was completed, Jin-Lo said he felt his sanity slipping away and begged for the party to kill him, he feared losing his mind forever. With heavy hearts, the party fulfilled his final request, destroying Jin-Lo's corporeal body so that he might finally rest.

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