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Vahnkar Ikeda

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17 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary[]

After two days of relative quiet the heroes met again with Field Marshal Carlaena Croft, this time joined by Vahnkar Ikeda, her friend and renowned instructor of fencing and swordplay. The party was asked to handle a delicate political situation involving, Vaynos Giamier, the ambassador from Greatwood Magistrate.

After digging up blackmail materials from Vargo Brasavi, a local crime lord known as the "Lord of Spiders", the party attacked the Lord of Spiders to free an enslaved psuedodragon. The battle ended with Vargo's total surrender, treasure, and gear.

Ivan's Take[]

"Croft had another task for us today, this one has us going into Hyldlor's criminal underworld. I've got no problem interacting with the drudges of society, it's Llyrrian I'm worried about... she's gonna stick out like a sore thumb. I've never been to Vargo's Den of Vice nor have I had an opportunity to meet the 'Lord of Spiders' but I'm fully aware of his reputation. Croft gave us some coin to pay for information regarding Ambassador Giamier from Greatwood Masitrate. Hopefully a bribe is enough and we'll be allowed to leave without harm."
""After our bribe and myself entertaining Vargo Bravasi in a game of blades against one of his goons, we received the information requested. We may had gotten out unscathed had it not been for that caged psuedodragon convincing Llyrrian to rescue it. Shit took a bad turn quickly! We now know why they call him the Lord of Spiders, those damn things were crawling out of the woodwork! It got pretty rough in there, we were fortunate to have handled ourselves as well as we did. Along with a number bumps and bruises, we got what we came for and a few extra parting gifts for our effort. I sure hope Croft can do something with the rumored information. Vargo told us that Ambassador Giamier may be up to shenanigans in an potential effort to stir up a political war, or worse. Enacting trade embargoes and trade tariffs could be a problem for Hyldlor... politics are not my thing but this news is troubling nonetheless. When we get a moment, I think I'll strip down and check my damn clothing for spiders. I'm still feeling the heebie geebies like there may be a few running around in my trousers."

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