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Vahnkar Ikeda

Previous Adventures:

17 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary

After two days of relative quiet the heroes met again with Field Marshal Carlaena Croft, this time joined by Vahnkar Ikeda, her friend and renowned instructor of fencing and swordplay. The party was asked to handle a delicate political situation involving, Vaynos Giamier, the ambassador from Greatwood Magistrate.

After digging up blackmail materials from Vargo Brasavi, a local crime lord known as the "Lord of Spiders", the party attacked the Lord of Spiders to free an enslaved psuedodragon. The battle ended with Vargo's total surrender, treasure, and gear.

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