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Darius the Firebug

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30 May—1 June 1139; Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, Llyrrian Highlock, and Mist Reignlief

Adventure Summary[]

Vargo Brasavi continued to stay one step ahead of the Blackguard Operatives, and Field Marshal Carlaena Croft suspected there was a mole within the Blackguard. After inspecting the guard's lockers and conducting interviews, they were forced to lock up Gruen Soeder who was found drunk again, albeit off duty, possessing a large amount of gold at which he was at a loss to explain.

Croft and the heroes were then called out to a robbery at the Bank of Korassa by a group of under-geared novice thieves. Recognizing the distraction, they hurried back to the Black Lodge to find it overrun with Vargo's men, who were holding hostage the judges and court clerks. Widowmaker again arrived in time to get the civilians to safety, while Ivan, Llyrrian, and Mist headed to the dungeon.

As Ivan frantically opened locks, Jäger was releasing Darius the Firebug from his cell. Behind another door, Vargo grabbed Jäger's daughter Laressa, putting a dagger to her throat saying he knew Jäger had stolen the ring from him. Gruen Soldado and Varek Valitrosa accepted Vargo's offer to work for the Lord of Spiders, but when released they both attacked him, saving Laressa. Vargo and Darius escaped after producing a full-length mirror and, after a few words, with the assistance of a creature identified by Mist as a Kalareem.

Ivan's Take[]

"I cannot describe how frustrated I am that Vargo continues to evade his fate. Running around chasing distractions adds insult to injury, I'll take great pleasure in the death of this 'Lord of Spiders,' hopefully sooner rather than later. I have no knowledge of these Kalareem of which Mist spoke but I'm curious of their connection and how much trouble they may continue to create in our effort to find Vargo and the Firebug."

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