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Drakthar the Bloodmonger

26—27 September 1138; Dagum Firebeard, Menz-El Ci'Fer, Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Rosar Anthas, Senic Halmar, Tyrea Neylis


After laying Oreon Regalious III to rest and acquiring silver weapons in the anticipation of more wererats, the Keepers of the Cauldron returned to the secret door in Orak's Bathhouse. Beyond they explored a naturally-formed, jagged sloping passage that cut through the earth from the foot of the volcano to just below the town of Cauldera. Areas of the natural fissure had once been expanded by Dwarves into an underground complex. They found the place infested with goblins, darkmantles, shocker lizards, and other monsters.

With ambushes around every turn, and a powerful bugbear vampire named Drakthar haunting their steps, they explored the cavern. Near the very bottom of the mountain, the party heard the sounds of combat in the distance. Hurrying to the sounds of battle, they passed an odd Dwarf, hustling the other way. Once on scene, they aided Menz-El Ci'Fer, a Quaz-net wizard, and Rosar Anthas, a Human sorcerer against a powerful group of Half-orc mercenaries led by a Tiefling fighter and another Human sorcerer.

Menz-El and Rosar joined the Keepers of the Cauldron. Together they were able to track down and destroy Drakthar, bringing an end to the goblin menace. Dagum pledged to help the spellcasters fulfill their quest... to track down Z-arn K'yass, an outlaw Quaz-net, now operating in Cauldera, calling himself the "Blue Duke".

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