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Dagum with the recovered crown, wielding Stormchaser

Order of the White Willow Previous Adventures:

Keepers of the Cauldron Previous Adventures:

  • Cathedral of Feathers
  • Plain of Cysts
  • Layover in Amn'crith
  • Secrets of the Skull

17 June—8 July 1139; Basatari, Dagum Firebeard, Nanther Oreal, Lord Orion Alandel

Adventure Summary[]

After their trials and terrible losses in Occipitus, Dagum, Nanther, and Tyrea, the three surviving members of the Keepers of the Cauldron adventuring company took a month-long and well-deserved break. Summer carried with it good and bad news... Nanther received word that his father had fallen ill in the Free City. Dagum joined Nanther on his journey, having heard through Dwarven connections that the Lost Crown of the Firebeards had been recovered and was being held at the Black Tower in Lorenia.

After seeing Nanther safely home, Dagum met Orion Alandel and Basatari at the Black Tower. Both parties felt a strong connection, having just lost allies and friends. Concerned that their respective problems were not abolutely unrelated, they agreed to share knowledge and resources freely. Dagum recovered the Crown and traded Alakast (best suited for Maitreya) for Stormchaser (best wielded by a Dwarf).

Dagum returned to Cauldera to learn that Tyrea had been called away on business with the Striders of Elishar. Putting on the crown of his people, Dagum was struck with the knowledge and history of his Dwarven forebearers. Between the Crown and the Hammer, he felt a strong calling from Ásabragr Staan-tage, the god of the Dwarves. Dagum gave himself over completely to Ásabragr's will and was rewarded by the complete divine resurrection of one of his lost companions... Midnight.

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