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Kazmojen, the half-Dwarf, selling the kidnapped children.

7-8 September 1138; Dagum Firebeard, Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Oreon Regalious III, Roedyn Branwyn, Senic Halmar, Tyrea Neylis, Vigore


Two-hundred feet below Jzadirune lay the Malachite Fortress, a stronghold build ages ago. Their last leader, a righteous dwarven defender named Zenith Splintershield, decided to wage a campaign against the evils deep underground. He took his best fighting dwarves into the bowels of the world and was never seen again.

Season Finale[]

The terrifying Beholder that stopped the final battle.

The Keepers of the Cauldron were forced to deal with ancient traps, automatons and the forces of Kazmojen, the new master the Malachite Fortress. They arrived just in time as the auction of the children way underway. Before the battle could conclude, a beholder appeared in the room, destroyed Kazmojen's troops, paid the Keepers for their "trouble" then teleported the boy Terrem back to the Orphanage.

The other three children led the Keepers to where the bulk of the remaining unsold prisoners were held, but suddenly, an ambush by constructs concealed behind illusary walls put Midnight, Senic and Vigore down, disabled. Hopelessly, the others were forced to flee, leaving the three to their fate.

Returning the next morning, they found Midnight had stabilized Senic and methodically and painstakingly destroyed the constructs but Vigore was lost, he had been slain by the first few blows. They rescued the remaining unsold kidnapped victims, including Senic's sister Jasmin, yet returned to Cauldera with heavy hearts, set to lay Vigore, the laughing, ever-joking, fighter to rest.

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