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Previous Adventures:

8 June 1137; Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Deacon Argus the Fallen, Divada Palehand, Jin-Lo Song, Tarak Relkin

Adventure Summary[]

Sheriff Calaway contacted the Blood of the Fallen again. A serial killer had left six bodies in five nights and the locals had no suspects. Each victim (except for one) had a seven-sided star cut into their forehead, their lower jaw removed and were left face-down in the street. The heroes had to sort through a red herring (the non-matching murder), and some ineptitude from locals but finally found the pattern on the sixth body, each victim was placed at a location which corresponded with a city-sized seven-sided star.


The Blood of the Fallen waited outside Highmore Manor for the killer to arive but were shocked to see Loremaster Highmore, a well-respected Elven hero from the War with Myrlocke step outside with the bleeding sigil on his forehead. He screamed "Let the cycle complete itself!" as he fell upon his own sword. Only Divada's quick heal spell prevented the noble from dying and completing the cycle... whatever that was.

Further Adventures: