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Divada's grandmother and infant mother.

Previous Adventures:

3—4 April 1137 (and 3—4 April 895); Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Deacon Argus the Fallen, Divada Palehand, Jin-Lo Song, Tarak Relkin

Adventure Summary[]

Deacon Argus discovered thousands of burning candles, an arcane chronomantic device and a note from Phantom Wolf in the most secure area of his Church of Ásabragr Staan-tage. After a series of other quirks leading up to Divada beginning to fade from existence, the Blood of the Fallen were forced to travel back in time to 895, just a day before Urjusty would be destroyed by Myrlocke.

The heroes ran into the Sulo'ise Clan of elves travelling from Caer Urjusty to Benoist via an old tunnel system through the mountains; they had stopped as two of their party had been kidnapped as they camped beside the oasis near the Desert Beetle Inn. Divada recognized some of them and knew that the missing elves were her grandmother with her now-infant mother. Not having the time to shut down the entire slave operation and with Divada fading fast, the heroes made the difficult decision to confront the proprietor directly and simply buy the 'slaves'.


The Blood of the Fallen returned the elf and her newborn baby to her family and were rewarded with a bottle each of Urjustian Wine. The heroes watched the elves go into the cave, knowing they would be doomed to over 200 years of imprisonment and insanity before their rescue by White Dragon and his adventuring company The Seekers. They activated the chronomantic device and returned to 1137 just as they saw the mountains lurch, the landslides and earthquakes began and the total annihilation of Urjusty unfold.

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