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10—14 May 1096; Konomi "Phantom Wolf" Yoshi, Cedric "Devilfish" Palehand, Juntarra "Panther Claw" Palehand, Sui-Do "White Dragon" Shin

Adventure Summery[]

As promised, Phagen Valitrosa had dropped the Seekers off at the northernmost tip of the Penlon Desert. They searched the desert sands for two days while surviving the local flora and fauna and the extreme temperatures. At last they rediscovered the Temple on the Sea.

Facing ancient traps and underground aberrations, the heroes became separated. While White Dragon and Phantom Wolf were able to locate the second shard, Juntarra fell victim to an undetected trap: a 50-foot-fall onto poisoned spikes. By the time the party was able to extricate her from the pit, she was already unconscious and succumbing to the poison.

Pushing their horses to near-exhaustion, they rode for Benoist, but even the Elves there were unable to remove the ancient and powerful magic poison. Juntarra was purposefully petrified to stop the spread of poison and prevent her certain death.

The Seekers then turned upon one another, White Dragon blaming Devilfish for his belligerence in separating the party, and Devilfish blaming White Dragon for putting his quest above the life of his sister. During the outbursts, Phantom Wolf showed blatant disrespect to Lord Vanguard, an act which got him thrown into Benoist's rarely-used prison.

With the party completely broken, White Dragon left for Northern Hyldlor to seek the third shard alone.

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