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22 November 1138; Lord Orion Alandel, Maitreya Fugate

Adventure Summary[]

Not all was well at Fort Genmarr. Winter was fast approaching and the citizens of Sarihaim, temporarily relocated to the fort, were now in danger from the lack of resources and extreme cold. Orion sent word to Maitreya who scoured the archives at the Temple on the Sea until she found hope in an artifact called The Vernal Key. The only problem: the key had been stolen from the temple, along with two other artifacts, hundreds of years ago and taken to a volcano called the Feathered Mound, probably by Myrlocke. With the coldest winter in 34 years setting in, the siblings ventured forth to recover the stolen artifacts.


Orion and Maitreya were able to recover the artifacts, Stormchaser, the Onihashi Blade and finally the Vernal Key. Despite a difficult return trip during blizzard conditions, Fort Genmarr, and the people of Sarihaime, were given another chance.

Orion's Letter to Maitreya:[]

  • "November 1, 1138: My Dear Sister Maitreya; I hope this message finds you.. I’d much rather bring you good news from Fort Genmarr but I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite. We’ve were hit with an early blizzard this morning as expected and it has not let up nearing dusk. Since the retake of Genmarr, short handedly, it’s been nonstop gathering of resources needed to survive the winter. The ogres depleted all of the food and most of the wood; we’ve worked diligently to gather required provisions and resources prior to winter’s fall but have run out of time. Bringing all the townsfolk from the recently ransacked Sarihaim has put us in even more of a bind. I fear starvation and devastating weather conditions are imminent. Many of the trader paths are surely snowed over and impossible to pass... we cannot get correspondence out to request aid, or simply pass along messages to our family and friends. Please send word to Sandpoint, inform my beloved Shayliss of my predicament. I will make every attempt to overcome our current situation out here but just in the event I perish, she should know I love her dearly. Please take care of her should I face my end; Best most sincere regards and adoration; Orion."

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