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11 October 1137; Bolizar, Lorath Leafmeadow, Sir Orion Edan'dagnir, Sha'sanye

Adventure Summary

Sha'sanye returned to town and reported that her nemesis Bruthazmus the bugbear had joined forces with several humanoids and moved into Thistletop. In order to save Sandpoint, the local heroes needed to travel to the lair of the most powerful goblin tribe in the region.

Sheriff Viskalai was leaving town to transport Tsuto to, and ask for help from Lorenia. Amerasu, Ryder and Sayuri stayed behind to help patrol the city while Sha'sanye led Bolizar, Lorath and Orion up the road north to Thistletop.


Hovering in the shadows near the ceiling to the north and south, a pair of yeth hounds quickly raced down through the air to attack, their howls quickly put the complex on alert. Overcome by fear from their Bay ability, Lorath fled, leaving the others to fend for themselves.

Struggling to overcome the damage reduction of the evil outsiders, the heroes were ill-prepared as reinforcements arrived. Bruthazmus, the bugbear ranger that wore a necklace of elf-ears, arrived and took advantage, flanking Sha'sanye, his arch-enemy. The ranger saw the bugbear downed only seconds before she herself was dragged down and torn apart by a yeth hound.

More reinforcements arrived, led by the mercenary Orik Valitrosa. The fighter cut down Sir Orion and as the paladin joined Bolizar on the ground, the last thing the he saw before losing consciousness was Orik sigh with a disgusted look and walk away with his shoulders slumped.

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