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March 1096[]

  • 1st: In Caer Claybough, on his 21st birthday, Sui-Do "White Dragon" Shin, a noble from Lorenia, decides to remove the fog of dishonor that hangs over his family line by fulfilling his ancestor's oath to assemble the 20 Shards of Urjusty, joined by Leonardo "Wind Walker" Whitman, Konomi "Phantom Wolf" Yoshi, Cedric "Devilfish" Palehand, and his sister, Juntarra "Panther Claw" Palehand, the four head north from Caer Claybough, on foot, to Old Urjusty.
  • 14th: In Old Urjusty, the party reaches the Cursed Wall and scales it to enter the Thornwild Forest.
  • 18th: After wandering lost for several days, the party locates their Gouka Consortium contact, Stone Kicker, but the local guide can offer no help locating the First Shard.
  • 19th: Aided by the advice of an orphaned Di'rak, calling himself "Kodiak", the party locates the "haunted tree" and acquires the First Shard.
  • 20th: Determining the Second Shard lay far to the north, likely in Northern Urjusty, the party leaves for Claybough.

April 1096[]

  • 2nd: The party reaches Caer Claybough, reports their progress to the Gouka, and begin trying to charter a ship willing to take them to the Penlon Desert in Northern Urjusty.
  • 18th: Devilfish and Phantom Wolf get drunk and disorderly, get into a fight, get arrested and locked up in the Claybough Jail.
  • 19th: Phagen Valitrosa is locked in the castle dungeon for piracy, with the help of Devilfish and Phantom Wolf, the three escape the dungeon. Leonardo Whitman is ordered, by the Gouka, to stay behind with a new position as a guard in Cadiffor Castle. White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, Devilfish, and Juntarra purchase horses, load them on Phagen's ship, the 'Kibitz,' and embark for the Penlon Desert, Northern Urjusty.

May 1096[]

  • 10th: In the Penlon Desert, Northern Urjusty; White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, Devilfish, and Juntarra disembark and begin searching.
  • 12th: The party discovers the Temple on the Sea. While the Second Shard is acquired, Juntarra falls victim to an ancient, powerful, and magic poison trap in the Temple, the party rides immediately for Benoist, Northern Urjusty.
  • 13th: Kóbe "Drifter" Tatsu, Ved'dren "Cinder", Num'eska, and Talia arrive at the Penlon Desert, Northern Urjusty; and explore the Temple on the Sea exactly one day after the first group. Num'eska feels the call of an Aldeon, or "collective home" of the driskolt for the first time.
  • 14th: Drifter, Cinder, Num'eska, and Talia leave for Benoist, Northern Urjusty.
  • 14th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, Devilfish arrive in Benoist, Northern Urjusty; and there Juntarra is purposefully petrified, to prevent her certain death, until an antidote can be found. Arguments break out between the party members; Phantom Wolf is arrested and locked in prison for blatant disrespect to Elf-Lord Vanguard.
  • 15th: In anger, Devilfish leaves for Sandpoint, Northern Urjusty.
  • 15th: In Caer Lorenia, Lord Annuvin Camlach, uncle to White Dragon and Diamyo of the Lorenian Overseers, dies at the age of 46. Still in Benoist, Northern Urjusty; White Dragon receiving word of the loss, rides for Midhaim; Phantom Wolf escapes the dungeon and leaves for Midhaim, well behind White Dragon and on foot.
  • 16th: In Penlon Desert, Northern Urjusty; Drifter, Cinder, Num'eska, and Talia are forced to seek shelter during a terrible sandstorm, discover the Tomb of Akhen.
    • See: The Tomb of Akhen
  • 16th: Catching Phagen still in port outside Midhaim, Northern Urjusty; White Dragon embarks for Caer Lorenia.
  • 17th: In Northern Urjusty, Drifter, Cinder, Num'eska, and Talia leave the tomb and resume travel to Benoist.
  • 17th: Devilfish arrives at Sandpoint, Northern Urjusty; begins waiting for a ship.
  • 17th: Phantom Wolf reaches Midhaim, Northern Urjusty.
  • 18th: Phantom Wolf leaves for Yellowbank, Lorenia.
  • 19th: Drifter, Cinder, Num'eska, and Talia reach Benoist, Northern Urjusty.
  • 20th: In Benoist, Northern Urjusty; Num'eska, feeling the need to answer the call of the Aldeon, and with the well-wishes of the party, leaves heading southwest. The rest of the party leaves for Sandpoint.
  • 22th: Drifter, Cinder, and Talia reach Sandpoint, Northern Urjusty; where they meet Devilfish. They agree to travel together when the next ship arrives.
    • See: Meeting the Twins
  • 22nd: In Caer Lorenia; White Dragon disembarks and begins attending to family business.
  • 23rd: In Sandpoint, Northern Urjusty; Drifter, Cinder, Devilfish, and Talia embark for Caer Attillan with Captain Colton aboard his ship, the "Calypso".
  • 23rd: In Caer Lorenia; White Dragon attends the funeral service for Annuvin Camlach.
  • 23rd: Phantom Wolf reaches Yellowbank, Lorenia; meets Vesper Llyr, helps her fight off a group of Hyldloran soldiers.
  • 24th: In Caer Lorenia; Myples "Mourngrim" Camlach, grandfather to White Dragon, dies at the age of 87. Heated emotions boil over as an arguement over succession between Arawen Camlach and his brother Arawn turns into violence. Arawn Camlach is killed by his brother during a legal duel before the Overseers.
  • 24th: Phantom Wolf and Vesper leave for Cakon, Lorenia.
  • 27th: In Caer Lorenia; despite his objections, White Dragon is appointed the Diamyo of the Lorenia Overseers.
  • 30th: On the high seas; Drifter, Cinder, Devilfish, and Talia along with Captain Colton and his crew fight off a pirate attack and sieze the ship, the "Motley."
    • See: Piracy!
  • 31st: Phantom Wolf and Vesper reach Cakon, Lorenia.

June 1096[]

  • 1st: With family business concluded, White Dragon rides for Cakon, Lorenia.
  • 1st: Phantom Wolf and Vesper ride for Caer Lorenia.
  • 2nd: Phantom Wolf and Vesper meet White Dragon on the road and join him, riding for Free City, Westreach.
  • 6th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, and Vesper reach Glistyr, Lorenia; continuing to ride for Free City the next morning.
  • 10th: In Caer Attillan; Drifter, Cinder, Devilfish, and Talia disembark and are immediately attacked by a pirate press gang. After handling the thugs, Drifter, Cinder, and Talia are hired by Garaval Madilur as caravan guards, allowing them to make some gold while travelling north.
  • 10th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, and Vesper reach the Grov'val Stair, on the border between Lorenia and Westreach; continuing to ride for Free City the next morning.
  • 11th: In Caer Attillan, Drifter, Cinder, and Talia leave for the caravan with Garaval; Devilfish agrees to stay behind to give the "Motley" to Phagen to squib, with the promise of free passage aboard any Phagen Boat Company vessel, and to catch up with them in Caer Claybough.
  • 13th: Late in the day, Drifter, Cinder, Talia, and Garaval come into sight of the caravan, a wagon on fire, and the camp in disarray.
  • 14th: With the fire out, Drifter, Cinder, and Talia conduct an arson investigation well into the morning, rescuing a prize goat from pugwampi, and acquitting Dashki, a gnoll expert, of the crime.
    • See: Goatless
  • 15th: Against the threat of pugwampi, Lady Almah, the leader of the caravan, asks Drifter, Cinder, Talia, and Dashki to retake the Old Monastery, a place once dedicated to Taiia, now fallen into disrepair. With the deed complete, the entire caravan moves into the more secure location. The first night in the Monastery, all parties hear the eerie call and return of gnoll howls between the city of Kelmaraine and the Pale Mountains.
    • See: The Moldspeaker
  • 16th: Seeking better areas from which to stakeout Kelmaraine, Drifter, Cinder, Talia, and Dashki clear out an abandoned shrine dedicated to Elishar and bring comfort to Haidar, a man hiding out in the shrine, hoping to be cured from a curse of lycanthropy.
    • See: Refugee
  • 16th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf, and Vesper reach Free City, Westreach.
  • 17th: Outside Kelmaraine, Attillan; a patrol consisting of Drifter, Cinder, Talia, and one of the Kazou'ti caravan guards previously hired by Almah, Jen-Tai climbs to the Refuge of Elishar and meets Shadow Hawk, a tengu who offers his help. The group witnesses the gnolls torture a man to death and decide to begin their guerilla strikes into Kelmaraine; The party kills a patrol of gnolls and a peryton nesting in the old mill, then strikes a tenuous bargain with Undrella, a harpy operating an alchemical laboratory in the old tannery. On their way to fulfilling their part of the deal, they hear commotion as the gnolls are dragging another human out into the Blisterweed fields. The party battles not just the gnolls, but the terrible dust digger nesting there, saving the life of Oxvard, a cleric of Ásabragr Staan-tage, who tells them the last surviving member of his adventuring company, a bard named Felliped who was wounded but had escaped the gnolls, was likely still hiding in Kelmaraine.
    • See: First Strike is Deadly
  • 17th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf and Vesper leave Free City, Westreach; and ride northwest seeking the Third Shard; a full days' ride takes them to Glenn Hollow, a town under attack from cultists of Toldoth. They battle through a desecrated burial crypt full of cultists and reanimated abominations, free the surviving townsfolk, and acquire the Third Shard.
  • 18th: Cinder, Drifter, Jen-Tai, Shadow Hawk and Talia make their second foray into Kelmaraine; after clearing more gnoll patrols, they kill the giant mamba and finish negotiations with the harpy, Undrella; en route to the holding pen of the giant boar, Drifter is attacked by a schir a demon which they kill seconds before it can summon more of its kind.
  • 19th: Cinder, Drifter, Jen-Tai, Shadow Hawk and Talia make their third foray into Kelmaraine; after killing the gnoll's mascot, a dire boar called 'Bonegrinder,' and Halruun, a former priest of Taiia in life, now turned into an undead huecuva they observe a line of torches outside the city. The party meets members of the Three-Jaws Tribe, enemies of the Kulldis Tribe, whose allegiance had been negotiated by Dashki.
  • 20th: Cinder, Dashki, Drifter, Jen-Tai, Shadow Hawk and Talia, having cleared the remaining town and rescued the surviving adventurers, attack Kelmaraine's Battle Market. Dashki alongside the Three-Jaws Tribe, defeats multiple waves of enemies while the others make for the third floor, subdue the djinn Kardswann, and kill his lieutenant, Ugruk.
  • 20th: White Dragon, Phantom Wolf and Vesper leave for Claybough.