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The ambush that took the life of Sapphira Runehold.

5-6 September 1138; Dagum Firebeard, Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Oreon Regalious III, Roedyn Branwyn, Sapphira Runehold, Senic Halmar, Tyrea Neylis, Vigore


Dwarven architects and artisans designed and built much of Cauldera. One of these architects, an eccentric Dwarven wizard named Jzadirune also carved out a secluded enclave beneath the city for himself and his clan. The enclave became a sanctuary for spell-casters and master craftsman.

Part school and part assembly line, many were taught scroll-script, wand-making, and potion brewing, all the while, the forges forged magic rings by the handfuls and weavers spun magic clothing to fill a hundred wardrobes.

In the year 1063 Jzadirune fell prey to a magical plague called the Vanishing. The origin of the plague remains a mystery, all that is known for sure is that the Vanishing was born inside the magic items and infected anyone who handled them.

Adventure Summary[]

The heroes battled ancient traps and new enemies throughout the maze-like enclave for two days before discovering the elevator that descended into an even older Dwarven stronghold. Others would join them on the quest to rescue the children: The monk, Senic Halmar, followed the same set of clues and caught up to the Keepers of the Cauldron during his search for his missing sister, Jasmin. Roedyn Branwyn, a childhood friend of Sapphira, joined up when they quickly returned to town for supplies. When the Dwarven cleric, Dagum Firebeard, arrived at the Church of St. Ambro, Jenya immediately sent him to bolster the others, knowing his healing skills and proficiency in the Dwarven tongue would be needed. Tyrea Neylis, a trapper ranger and initiate of the Striders of Elishar, had been tasked with surveillance of the Keepers, and offered her assistance when it became evident their investigation had borne fruit.


The heroes' forays into Jzadirune ultimately proved successful and they found the long-hidden passage to an even older Dwarven citadel, the Malachite Fortress, getting them even closer to finding the children.

They were also met with tragedy. Sapphira Runehold was caught in a terrible ambush of dark creepers with a fully-functional pulverizer machine. She would die in the same place as her grandparents so many years before.

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